Membership Info

Membership with the IRCA can be maintained as an Organization/ Association or as an individual. However, only recognized Organization/Association’s will have an opportunity to represent their program at the Board of Director’s level.

Membership within the IRCA will entitle you to: 
  • Current Rules/Regulations & Guidelines for Recreational, Public or Parochial Schools, or Non-Recreational Programs.
  • Downloadable and Packet format (mailed directly to you).
  • Discounted Athlete registration at all IRCA events.
  •  Current Score Sheets for Cheer or Dance/Pom.
  • The By-Laws of the Association.
  • Special Opportunities for member affiliates.
  • Board Representation (based on Regional voting) to the Illinois Recreational Cheerleading Association.
  • Earlier Pre-Registration invite to the State Championship (First-round byes are determined by pre-qualifying events. However, membership will allow for teams to have an opportunity to compete at the State Championship regardless of registrations).
  • Special Updates of Pre-qualifying events and news!  


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icon Fee Level One:

Recreational/Public or Parochial Schools Teams Initial Dues


(Annual renewal thereafter is $150.00 if paid in full by July 1st of each year)


icon Fee Level Two:

Non-Recreational Teams Initial Dues:       


(Annual renewal thereafter is $200.00 if paid in full by July 1st each year)



icon Fee Level Three:

Individuals/Judges/Coaches/Managers Initial Dues:


(Annual renewal thereafter is $50.00 if paid in full by July 1st each year)